About Us

Rodge Megastore is a retail store that caters for the needs of those individuals who are passionate for technology, satisfying their thirst for the latest Movies and TV Series Releases, the newest IT products and lifestyle consumer Electronics and Smart Technologies.

Our Shop

Located on Adma’s main road, possess a wide selection of DVD’s (Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Animation, Cartoons, Routine Programs and Concerts), CD’s (Music, PC/PS4 Games, Softwares, Drivers), Phones, Laptops & Custom Computers, all kind of Gaming Accessories for Gamers (Gaming Keyboard/Mice/Pad/Chair/Table) and additional products such as Electronic Equipment and Computer Peripherals.


For Requests & Support Please Contact Us On
+961 71 89 16 51
(WhatsApp Available)



Our Services

-Computer Format.

-Anti-Virus Protection.
-Software Installation.
-Data Back-up & Recovery.
-Hardware Repair (Computers, Laptops, Phones and all kind of electronics).
-Servers & NAS Storage.
-Surveillance & Alarm System.
-Websites & Applications.


We Provide on-site maintenance in the comfort of your home or working space.



Music Production & DJ-ing Lessons

-Ableton Live.

-Rekord Box.


Record Labels
-Multifrequency Records (Canada).
-DTL Records (US).


Scientific Tutoring

-We Teach all Scientific Courses to all Classes (English and French).
-We Offer a Special Program for Official Exams Students.


For more information contact us on +961 76 64 69 97.


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